So what became of all the knitting?

A few months back, in the wake of the Beast from the East, we put out a call for knitted blue squares … if you haven’t been to the show yet you won’t know what’s become of them!

We received knitted squares from far and wide and we’re sending a huge thank you to everyone who spent their time click clacking away with their needles, and of course to chief knitter and textile Artist Carla Wentink who helped realise the project.  The end result is a staggering giant knitted torpedo that takes pride of place at the entrance to the underworld in 100: UnEarth.

If you haven’t seen the show yet do come along to see this beautiful piece of artwork that represents some of the women’s efforts during WWI : knitting and working in the munition factories.

With the end of the show looming – 22nd July, (if you haven’t been yet get those skates on!), many are asking what will become of the squares. What will the torpedo’s afterlife be?

Our knitted squares won’t be heading straight for the knitted underworld … once the show is over the torpedo will be carefully dismantled, and the knitted squares will be turned into blankets which will be sent to Knit for Peace at the end of the show. If you’ve seen the show you’ll know there are knitters in the underworld – Knit for Peace also take wool and unstitched squares so we’ll be sending them a lovely batch of knitting.

“Everything we received is being used in the show, squares are being stitched together and out for audience to see. There are some really beautiful pieces that were sent in and some lovely enclosed notes and ‘good luck’ wishes that arrived in the post. We’re really grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen and it feels right that what has been created will be passed on serve another purpose.” Ellie Williams, WildWorks






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