Pages of the Sea – St Ives

This is Captain Edward ‘Teddy’ Hain from St Ives, Cornwall. He was 28 when he was killed in Gallipoli.

This Sunday from noon, after the St Ives remembrance parade which starts at 10.30am Guildhall, join a team of WildWorkers on Porthmeor Beach, Cornwall for the St Ives Pages of the Sea where we will remember the casualties of war.

From noon we will start to create a 30m by 30m portrait of Captain Edward Hain. We anticipate the portrait will begin to be revealed at 1.30pm then the tide will start to creep in and wash it away.

Come along and get involved in creating soldier stencils on the beach or help write on pebbles (with our non toxic pens), as part of our commemorations for the 106 fallen soldiers from St Ives.

Our community choir have been busy preparing songs to sing as the tide comes in and you’re invited to bring some flowers to place – naked flowers please, no packaging, plastic bands just flowers to help with our farewell.

Find out more about Captain Edward ‘Teddy’ Hain here & we’ll hopefully see you Sunday.

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