Thank you Sirdar!

Our merry band of knitters continues to grow and knitted & crocheted squares of blue have started to arrive … all this casting on and casting off is part of one of our community participation projects around this summer’s show 100: UnEarth.


Why knitting ?

During WWI there was a call for knitters to provide for men in the trenches. There were also calls for those back home to work in munitions factories … we’ve combined these facts and are creating a knitted torpedo for the production 100: UnEarth at Heligan.  Candy Smit has been busy researching this subject for us.


St Austell Printing Company support 100: UnEarth

Following their involvement with 100: The Day Our World Changed, in 2014, St Austell Printing Company are again demonstrating their investment and commitment to the St Austell area by being a key partner in this year’s production, 100: UnEarth.


Knitted Torpedo

In 2014 WildWorks Theatre made history when over 5000 people joined in commemorating the centenary of the beginning of WW1 by remembering the community’s lost men in a powerful dawn ‘til dusk performance: 100: The Day Our World Changed,  at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  This July WildWorks return with 100: Unearth a production of love, loss and hope, and there are opportunities for you to help us by contributing in various ways to our supporting projects.

Be Part of 100: UnEarth

Come and join the WildWorks team for tea and cake next week to hear more about the various ways to get involved.


14-18 NOW

This is the final year of 14‐18 NOW, the UK’s five‐year programme of extraordinary arts experiences connecting people with the First World War. Marking 100 years since the end
of this seismic conflict, our closing season is the biggest yet – and I’m delighted that one of its highlights will be a brand new work created especially for 14-18 NOW by WildWorks.


The Passion of Port Talbot

Easter weekend will always resonate with us at WildWorks. Last year we lost Bill on Good Friday. As always, his timing was impeccable as it allowed us to grieve privately in the bubble of the bank holiday weekend. As we get closer and closer to the show we were working on with Bill into his final days, 100: UnEarth, our thoughts turn to Easter weekend 2011 and The Passion of Port Talbot.

Riotous. Rambunctious. Rewarding.


World Theatre Day 2018

This summer WildWorks return to Heligan in Cornwall with 100:UnEarth – the company’s follow up to 100: The Day the World Changed in 2014. The two shows book-end the 100 year anniversary commemorations of WW1.



A poem by Mercedes Kemp
Mrs Dyer,
Loved her husband.