New project in development with Angus Farquhar

We’re delighted to welcome Guest Director Angus Farquhar who joins us on our next major project.

Angus, one of the UK’s most recognised landscape directors and producers, is Guest Director for our next major piece of work : Shibboleth.

Shibboleth draws parallels with Tarkovsky’s 1979 film Stalker and will reveal a world where empathy is dying and where language becomes a barrier rather than a bridge. The production, which will be set in a fractured near-future landscape, aims to physically draw audiences into the narrative.

Angus, who was Artistic Director of the Scotland based landscape theatre company NVA from its inception in 1992 until its closure last year, has a history of creating artistic and performance work set in unusual locations.

“Angus is a great fit for us at WildWorks, there’s a natural alignment of creative spirit and strong inquiring nature; together we’re already pushing, testing and probing interesting ways to develop our story, exploring possible incredible settings and new approaches to delivery of work at scale.” Emma Hogg, Executive Director, WildWorks

Shibboleth will begin its R&D phase this May as Angus joins forces with WildWorks founding artists Myriddin Pharo and Mercedes Kemp and vocal artist Vicky Abbot for development and concept scoping.

“For many years, hearing about the sheer scale and visual imagination behind WildWorks productions, I imagined them as a sister company to NVA in Scotland. Now I am honoured to be able to direct a new large-scale performance Shibboleth with the team, building on a wonderful legacy and great anticipation at where we can go together.” Angus Farquhar

  1. Marie Still says:

    When will this be happening and where?

    • Emma says:

      Hi Marie, We don’t have confirmed details yet. As a large scale project it will have a long development period. As soon as we know we will share the information. Thanks, Emma

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