Musings of our Assistant Producer Intern

Our Assistant Producer Intern, Ellie Mae Woolman, joined the team back in May. Check out her blog about her time with WildWorks so far:

I study Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management at Falmouth University and as I finished my second year of university, my lecturer forwarded me an email about an internship opportunity at WildWorks. I applied straight away – the Assistant Producer role looked perfect and just what I was looking for to catapult myself into the theatre producing scene. I had been intrigued to explore WildWorks as a landscape theatre company as I learnt about their creative process in my university classes and heard of their great work.

I was ecstatic when I found out that I got the job and knew that I was in for an exciting ride.

One of my first days in the WildWorks office I was at a production meeting with the creative heads of departments, about the upcoming show 100: UnEarth. I clicked with the team straight away and really felt at home. There was such a buzz of excitement in the lead up to the show and I have been really hands-on in all aspects of production.

We moved from our studio in Krowji to The Lost Gardens of Heligan at the beginning of June, for a busy month of show prep ahead of opening night on the 3rd July. I spent the month of June between our Production Office and running around on-site. It was unbelievably exciting to see the show unfold, as stages were built and cast and crew began to arrive at Heligan.

The team grew from the five or so office production team to hundreds with participants, actors, musicians, tech, crew and everyone else. Despite the large number of people a tight- knit family quickly started to form.

It was unbelievably important to me to take the time to learn about every person’s role within the production; this was a great opportunity to ask questions about everything I wanted to know. There was a real community spirit which is something I wasn’t necessarily expecting but it was a lovely surprise. The camaraderie played a massive part in keeping morale high on long tech days.

It really shows when a team of people work all day every day together, and yet still choose to hang out together at the beach on their mornings off/ evenings at the pub. I found myself with a wonderful family. The people I worked with on this production are some of the most creative and inspiring people I’ve ever met. Everyone has been so kind and supportive of me and despite being located across all corners of the country, it has been great to stay in contact.

As well as this being my first producing job, it also happens to be my first experience of a WildWorks show! They say, once you’ve worked a WildWorks show, you can conquer the world (or something along those lines…) and they weren’t wrong! Due to the huge scale of the production, there is so much planning and organising involved; I really feel as though I’ve grown as a theatre producer and manager in all aspects. I couldn’t be more grateful to be chucked in at the deep end, as it were, as I’ve learnt more than I could’ve imagined.

During the show, alongside my producer duties, I worked with the wonderful Stage Management and Design teams to help manage The Underworld. I quickly grew very attached to the show and genuinely looked forward to seeing it every night. After I cued the actor’s entries for the first scene, every night I’d watch the opening of the show from the corner of West Lawn and every night my heart skipped as the band and soldiers marched over that hill and the show began.

I’ve never felt this close to a production before and this show will stay with me for a very long time. The soundtrack of the show still makes my heart flutter slightly and it takes me right back to hiding at the back of the Lawn enjoying the laughs, the tears, the sunsets and everything in between.

Now I am helping with all things post-show, evaluation, budgets and also helping on the exciting projects that are in the pipeline.

My experience of WildWorks has been a dream and it has provided me with inspiration, direction as well as friends for life. Everything about WildWorks is exciting, motivating and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Thank you to all those who have made it possible.

Ellie Mae

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