Quietly getting on with it.

So #IWD2018, International Women’s Day 2018 is here, a day designed to encourage communities to think and act to be gender inclusive and to celebrate the achievements of women.

WildWorks is a hive of female achievement, talent, ambition and creative vision. 

From the wildly talented Mercedes Kemp whose way with words leaves us breathless and riddled with emotions, to the wonderful Kyla Goodey who can turn her hand to directing to performing in equal measure, there’s Ellie Williams whose wonderful creations bring many a scene to life, Sue Hill who can create magic whatever the landscape and Vicky Abbott creator of the beautiful haunting melodies you hear sung at our productions, all our female volunteer participants …  plus many more of our other artistic creators and visionaries.

However, this IWD at WildWorks we turn our attention to those beavering away behind the scenes. We know there are many, many people working their socks off behind closed doors, not just in our industry – hats off to you all.

We are grateful to all our board members who give their time to help us steer WildWorks into new waters. As its #IWD2018 we make special mention of Julie Seyler, Stella Hall, Angela McSherry and Celine Gagnon … David and Colin you are also much appreciated!

Today for International Women’s Day would like to showcase the achievements of our backstage powerhouse female duo Emma, our Executive Director and Charlie, our Producer who work together to ensure the work can continue.

Without the painstaking fundraising, report writing, risk assessments there would be no live work for people to enjoy. Their skill and dedication to the management of WildWorks, the contracts, the spreadsheets, budgets and project management skills ensure everything slots into place.

Some might say its not the sexy end of live theatre (who would ever say that, not us, ever), but without their dedication, commitment, bravery and intelligence there would be no WildWorks.

Emma, Charlie and all those quietly getting on with it – we applaud you, happy #IWD2018 … and I’m not letting you proof read this before I post it!


PS – WildWorker Males – we love your work, support and creations very much too, just today is #IWD2018.


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