Field Of Loss Update! #fieldofloss

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Hundreds of moving contributions have been added to The Field of Loss over the last few weeks, See below to find out more…


The First World War caused unimaginable losses, devastating a generation. But all losses are individual
and personal. At this time of remembrance we’d like to create a field of empathy, where all losses are commemorated together.

As part of 100: The Day Our World Changed we will create in Heligan a field
of white flags, each representing the loss of a loved one. We have already had 100s of people add their memory/ loved one and we would like to invite you to add yours too!

Write a name, a memory, a message or a wish and either email it to [email protected]  or add your contribution by hashtagging a picture of your entry on social media such as Twitter or Instagram #fieldofloss we will harvest them and add them for you.  Be part of this collective act of memory.

There is a permanent Field of Loss station at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. It will also be at Eden in July, Port Eliot
Festival and Mevagissey Feast Week (5th July).


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