Cornish Soldiers in the Great War, Leslie Lory

Great War US Soldier

This is a photo of my Mom’s mother’s family, with my great uncle Leslie Lory in WWI uniform (on left) They were the Lory family, immigrants from St. Keverne on the Lizard. They changed my life by leaving Cornwall for America.

I am very proud of my Cornish blood, as you can tell my Mom was full Cornish, though born in California. She taught me to garden and make pasties and saffron buns and we had a framed map of Cornwall in our home.

Cali Cornish runs the California Cornish Cousins

  1. A says:

    I’m wondering whether your Lory could be somehow linked with my Lory descendants. One line of the Lory family became extinct back in ???? (Can’t remember year off top of my head) when Ann Lory married into our family surname and then her maiden name carried on as a middle name – my grandfather, brother and now my son. Love to hear from you – I live in Cornwall, England.

  2. Kitty says:

    My direct line descends from Jacob Lory of Tregoning in St. Keverne, my 4x Great grandfather. His son John and my 2xgreat-grandfather John, Jr. lived at Erisey Manor in Grade parish until John Jr., immigrated to America from Penzance in 1850. Terry Moyle, a Lory cousin, is an OPC in St. Keverne and is a wealth of knowledge. Does my line sound like yours?

  3. A says:

    Hi – I think we’ve spoken via California Cornish Cousin on Facebook – I wasn’t sure whether the person posting the photo would ever come back so decided to pursuit it another way!

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