Cornish Soldiers in the Great War, Captain Roy Molyneux Quilter

World War 1 soldier in Cornwall

August 3rd 2014 Wildworks are creating a special day of remembrance 100: The Day Our World Changed at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  Wildworks have involved the local community in Mevagissey, Goran and Pentewan. Local Harry Gooby is playing a wounded soldier in a war hospital and drawing inspiration from his Great Uncle Captain Roy Molyneux Quilter who fought and was sadly lost in the Great War.

WW1 Great War Telegram

Within 100 years of each other Roy Molyneux Quilter and I went to the same school and his name sat on our  war memorial. I obviously never knew him or his younger brother Keith (my great grandfather) but to see  the name Quilter which I have such a strong connection with makes me wonder of the stories that surrounded him and his close family. I would of walked the same streets and corridors that Roy and Keith would of and this is all I really know of them both. One died in  WW1 and one survived, both served in the army. I dedicate more thought to them then any other distant  deceased relatives I have.  This must be true of countless families effected by WW1 with their own unique stories and feelings.  I feel very lucky and proud to be in knowledge of these items and to mentally  use them in Wildworks commemorations this coming Sunday. 

Same school, same family, very different lives.

Harry Gooby 2014



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