Bill’s last show

By Emma Hogg, Exec Director, WildWorks

We are now half way through the run of 100: UnEarth.

We have been so busy bringing this ambitious show to life that I haven’t had much time to allow myself to reflect on the person we are missing at the heart of the company, who’s original vision we have made a reality and who subconsciously I miss standing next to me as we watch the story play out. A reassuring hand on my arm, pulling me out of the office and into rehearsals, gold tooth glinting in a moment of humour or a giant hug at the end of a particularly long day.

There are moments, where I feel his absence most strongly. The most recent was the first time I saw the soldiers appear in their costumes on the horizon in the opening scene or the Heligan team stood on ladders representing their Lost Gardeners. As the reviews flood in and the audience stands in an ovation each evening I know we have done him proud.

It is merely a fitting coincidence that the last show we would fully imagine with Bill would be one where we go on a journey of loss, love and grief but that at the end takes us into the future. This show mirrors what we are going through as a team. This is Bill’s last show. The end of an era and this our transitional project. We are excited for the future.

This show is a one off, a mixture of the old and the new and it’s only here fleetingly so I urge you not to miss it.


Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell, Founding Artistic Director

  1. Angela Schlegel says:

    Having met Bill in a work setting, I was immediately compelled to join Wildworks for their immersive show Babel; I feel forever grateful for this enriching experience, the coming together of a community, the narrative that intertwined all walks of life. I have no doubt Bill’s vision, generosity, humour and passion will live on in future projects. I can’t wait to see 100:UnEarth.

  2. Margaret Grimoldby says:

    I had the very real privilege of working as an ensemble performer in Beautiful Journey in Plymouth. I have so many warm memories of this show and was so happy to have been a part of it. Audience members were drawn into a timeless world, full of love, laughter, grief and hope. I keep a photo of the set, lit by night and transformed into a ship, in full sail, a glittering moon above. Magical.Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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