At WildWorks, sites that are loaded with story fascinate us. Classically, we’re known for creating shows on a large scale but we’ve also made work in smaller spaces; such as a cabinet.

An amazing space, very closely to our hearts and home, is Bill’s attic in Redruth, Cornwall. The attic was Bill’s private space in his house where he would think, write and create work. He was a collector of objects (with almost daily arrivals from EBay and regular car boot visits) and an active collagist. The whole space is bursting with stories, memories and intriguing works of art that we can only imagine the meaning of. Snow globes, scissors, cages, red, polar bears, and figurines.

Since Bill’s death in 2017, Sue has welcomed a range of people into the attic to share in the wonder of Bill’s collection. Amongst these select few was Chris Morris, a new WildWorks board member, filmmaker and Head of the School of Film and Television at Falmouth University. Over a number of visits to the attic, Chris has made a short film called ‘A Different Place’, which we are delighted to be able to share with you…


We are currently involved in a project to explore future options for Bill’s attic, which will enable more artists to be inspired by and make work utilising the collection. This will likely involve moving the contents of the attic to a new play space (as a cramped attic at the top of someone’s private home has it’s limitations for developing and presenting work). The feasibility study is supported by Arts Council England and we are working with a steering group made up of Cornish partners organisations Feast, Hall for Cornwall, Kresen Kernow archive, ACT, Falmouth University and KEAP.

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