By Charlie Bunker

Over the past few months we’ve been working with WildWorker Seamas Carey on a project inspired by ‘Bill’s Attic’. This has formed part of our ‘Wildly Talented’ training and development strand, which is about nurturing new artistic leaders of the work; by giving them the space, support and encouragement to create.

Last week Seamas led a research and development process working with Sound Designer Alastair Goolden and Lighting Designer Lucy Gaskell. Seamas’s aim was ‘to gently illuminate the smaller worlds – using light, hidden sound, text, music and darkness’.

Seamas recently described Bill and the attic…

‘Bill Mitchell’s attic can be found at the top of Sue’s house in Redruth. It’s a zen like, private shrine dedicated to creativity.

Bill was the greatest hoarder. The proudest magpie. The ultimate Steptoe. It takes many visits to understand and truly note its complexity. It’s a huge 3D collage of disparate things, whilst also being an intricate filling cabinet of memories and future ideas.

Bill created worlds. Whether they were enormous images stretched across vast landscapes, or tiny sculptural collages found in a shoebox’

The team excelled in pulling together a mini ‘Son et Lumiere’ experience to share their ideas, which was technically & creatively exploratory. We’ve already started exploring future options around sound and light journeys; inspired by last weeks findings.




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