100: WISH LIST Update! Can you help?

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An amazing response to our radio and newspaper wish list call out!  Thank you so much to everybody that have donated and lent us stuff for the show.

We are still looking for the following items:

(If you can help please email [email protected] or drop in at the Heligan reception. There is also a bunting bin at Mevagissey Activity Centre for fabric bits)

 First World War caps/ uniforms
 Old suitcases (cardboard or leather)
 Measuring equipment for the medical
o Height measurement stand
o Eye charts
 Old oilskins
 Navy blue jumpers
 100 simple deck chairs
 Lots of white sheets
 Large tin tubs / baths
 Washboard
 Old garden tools
 Luxury Edwardian car
 Harmonium
 Golf buggies
 Lobster pots
 Buoys
 Ropes
 Sturdy wooden tables
 Wooden stepladders
 Hairdressers
 Wooden step ladders
 Hay cart
 Cut flowers for decorating bandstand
 Bandages / slings
 1st Aid equipment (of the era)
 Memories, stories, photographs, journals, recipes
 Traffic cones,
 Sand bags

You rock!!! Thanks

  1. Martyn Hine says:

    I was told by a lady at the eden project I could contribute by knitting a Blue square for a torpedo?? Is this the case and do you still need help with this?

    • Sarah Ferrie says:

      Hi Martyn – yes we do need more squares – we’re nearly half way there … we’ll need them by 22nd June Thanks so much S

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