Welcome to our new Board

We had our first meeting with our brand new board last week, well, all bar one as Trustee Chris Morris was away working. See you next time Chris!

A Beautiful Friendship- World Poetry Day

It was brilliant to see British actor, Olivia Coleman, honoured at the Oscars a few weeks ago. I’ve saved her speech to watch when I need cheering up…the perfect combo of emotion and humour !

The Favourite starring Olivia Coleman is the story featured in ‘The Room of Quarrels’ in The Enchanted Palace, commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces for Kensington Palace 2010-2012

Happy World Poetry Day!


A Beautiful Friendship

Things happen

to this princess

who lives

in a time

long ago.

She is born weeping

and doesn’t seem

to be able

to stop.

As a toddler

she is sent


to visit

the Royal Oculist

of France.

No mama.

No papa.

No sister.

Just her

in her golden frock

holding her small lapdog.

All who look after her

just seem to die.

Her grandmother.

Her aunt.

When she comes home

it is her mother’s turn.


She is ousted

She is loveless.

She is cared for

by others.


The princess is sad,



Until one day

she meets

a girl

to play with.

She is gorgeous,



and a bit bossy.

She is

everyone’s favourite



she is willing to become

the shy, plain princess’s

best friend.

They can


hold hands,

tell secrets

and dress up

in each other’s clothes.

They have

a make-belief



the kitchen table.

The princess

always follows.

Her friend

is the bossy one

and she likes that.


Time passes.

They grow up.

There are weddings,

there are sorrows.

there are many

tiny burials.

And still the friends


in their kitchen domain.

Now the princess

is Queen

and her friend

is the Mistress of the Robes.

There are intrigues.

There are betrayals.

There are WARS.

They run

into the kitchen

no more.

The Queen

is burdened

with Queenly concerns.

Her Lady

presumes too much.

The Queen turns her back.

She will be bossed no more.

It is the end

of a beautiful



When friends so fast part forever

their bitter words etch through the walls

and leave a trace.

You can hear them still.


Poem: WildWorks/Mercedes Kemp

Images: WildWorks/ Steve Tanner

Guest Director

We’re on the look out  for a Guest Director for our next project.



By Charlie Bunker

Over the past few months we’ve been working with WildWorker Seamas Carey on a project inspired by ‘Bill’s Attic’. This has formed part of our ‘Wildly Talented’ training and development strand, which is about nurturing new artistic leaders of the work; by giving them the space, support and encouragement to create.



At WildWorks, sites that are loaded with story fascinate us. Classically, we’re known for creating shows on a large scale but we’ve also made work in smaller spaces; such as a cabinet.


National Lottery #ThanksToYou Giveaway

National Lottery #ThanksToYou campaign is to say ‘thank you’ to National Lottery players for contributing to funding of Good Causes all over the UK. National Lottery players raise, on average, £30 million each week for projects all over the country.


Join us ?

We’re busy recruiting for new Trustees. If you’re passionate about theatre and excited about our future programme of activity – could it be you?


Tales from the underworld – Chapter 1

By Mercedes Kemp
100:UnEarth Artistic Lead/Writer/Researcher

This summer, as part of the national 14-18 NOW programme of commemoration of the centenary of WW1, WildWorks staged 100:UnEarth at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. The piece was a companion to 100:The Day Our World Changed, which marked the beginning of a 4 year collaboration with Heligan.


Pages of the Sea

We are delighted to be producing the St Ives event for Danny Boyle’s national remembrance event, Pages of the Sea.