Our Process

In the beginning there’s an idea. A shard of light across a landscape, a conversation overheard on a train, a letter from an old friend or a character clamouring to be set free. Curiosity drives us and the adventure it leads us on is different every time.


We always start somewhere.

“We set up camp in locations for several months. We go on walks and other expeditions to discover the true meaning and personal history of our temporary home.”

From the mining landscapes of Dolcoath in Cornwall to the crumbling walls of Palestine, the tiny villages surrounding Nicosia, Cyprus or the grandeur of London’s Kensington Palace. We root ourselves in the heart of a place and explore – so our work can start to grow.



Next we meet the people who belong to that landscape and hear their stories.

“I’d like to know more about your life, the things you love, your hopes and fears, and then maybe we can work together to tell a tale about who you are and your love of where you live.”

From a handful of love letters to a soul full of memories, together we unearth real life magic on which to float our show. It takes time. It takes care. It takes tea and cake and open ears. From a hospice in Sotteville-les-Rouen to a school fête in Devonport, we find gold dust by listening.

Migrants. Naval officers. Tea dancers. Gospel choirs. Hells Angels.

We’ve worked with all kinds of people to shape all kinds of performances. As our community grows and new connections are made, our professional artists stimulate, support and shape so that each project we embark on brings real change – whether that’s turning a “Get off my land!” into a “Welcome all!” in Cornwall, or helping war-torn talents see the open air differently in Palestine.



A world begins to appear.

“The priority for a piece of work is that the idea is exciting and challenging; that it takes risks and develops the form.”

Made of soil and heartbeats, tales and challenges. We tread boldly and leap forward, together. This is about carving a path for everyone through fresh territory. Watching, playing, dancing and living, we search for the meaning of our work in the emotional bond between people and place – and the space between. This is the flesh on our shows’ bones.



And then we fly.

“We create big shows that blur the lines between what is real and what is made up. This is performance where your presence makes a difference.”

Our shows flood everyone’s senses with sound and silence, life and fantasy and how and where and again, again, again.

Every WildWorks production mixes theatre, ritual, film, music, visual arts and movement, using whatever we can to weave our tale. Indoor and out, the landscape always takes our work somewhere beyond the expected. We use forklifts, falling shadows and the cabinets of princesses. From the unpredicted scent of a thousand bluebells after the rain, to the flickering light of a power cut before plunging an audience into darkness. We welcome whatever the world brings to each performance, and make more of it.

We watch and are watched, we show and are showed through a cluster of sensations that are never the same and always remembered.