About us

Imagine a world where stories take flight, where landscapes wear one-off wondertales woven by the people that live there. This is a world where horizons are widened, boundaries hurdled, people celebrated and memories made. Where villages dance, wolves howl and men soar. Welcome to WildWorks.

Founded by Bill Mitchell in 2005, WildWorks makes theatre with landscapes and people, telling the stories of the world they live in, in unexpected ways.

From our base in Cornwall these adventures take us all around the world, hosting workshops in Palestine, leaping off harbour walls in Newcastle or awakening castles in Belgium. Our approach is different. We bed down in every location, get to know the people who belong to it and tease out the secrets that will shape each show. Skyline, sea wall, basement, rampart; we turn the world into a stage and invite you to come and wonder.