Our Bill

Some people worked with Bill for less than a day, some have witnessed his work and never got to meet him in person, some of us have worked with him for a few years and oh to be the lucky few who worked with him for decades. The overwhelming response from people (which we have loved and been so grateful to receive) can mostly be surmised to one statement “He changed my life!”.  How many people leave this earth with that as their legacy? We have been in the presence of greatness, a giant of a man. Giant stature, yes, but also giant artistic gift, giant heart, giant intelligence, giant generosity of spirit, giant, giant, giant…Giant loss.

He has been the centre of our world. Our leader, our rock, our friend, our Bill. This giant man with an eye for the little details, who always noticed the minutia in life and listened for the quiet voices, who could take one small comment and turn it into an epic vision, an incredible work of art and change the way people thought about theatre, about life.

Bill, we love you and we miss you.

You have given us everything you could with the whole of your being right until the end, a slate of work to continue and so on we go. We cannot replace you but we will honour you in the way that you have blessed and honoured so many of us. Bill Mitchell’s legacy starts here.



(image copyright: Dan Prince. WildWorks: A Great Night Out, 2016)



  1. Hazel Ellerby says:

    Bill was a maverick fearless bohemian, a genius, a visionary, a true artist. His work was Epic, brave, and above all entertaining.
    He made me think!
    Please, Wild Works keep his vision alive.
    The world needs you.

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