My Wolf’s Child

I am currently volunteering as a Performer and Backstage Chaperone on Wolf’s Child. I have so much to say about my experience here so far that I felt this would be a good way to let you know (hopefully in a coherent fashion) what it’s like behind the scenes of this fabulous show.

I have been lucky enough to have a go at both the performing and backstage aspects of the show. I was originally down as a performer but having recently had knee surgery it was decided that walking and moving as much as I would be in the show was not such a good idea. However, everyone was extremely accommodating of this and I was offered other options and ways to get involved instead of just being told to go home. This created a real sense of belonging within the company and I cannot thank them enough for this. After a while of backstage work (wheeling round speakers, chaperoning the younger kids and adding finishing touches to the sets) circumstances changed and I was given the opportunity to become a performer once again.

Words cannot describe just how much I am enjoying myself here. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and (as cheesy as it sounds) we have all become one big theatre family. I have a lot of gratitude specifically towards the Crow ensemble for welcoming me into their group so late into the process. Steve and Sophie (Kafka and Kaz) have taught me so much and given me new confidence in myself to find new opportunities and jump at every chance I get. And although rehearsals have been sometimes wet and always muddy, everyone has kept in high spirits and worked so hard.

The thing that as really opened my eyes throughout this whole process is the level of respect that is being shown between all the cast members whether young, old, professional or amateur, nobody is pushed aside and all voices are heard. This has given me a whole new insight to how a theatre company should be and this is what it should be like when working with other people.

The shows themselves have been fabulous. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second so far. The audiences have all been so involved and co-operative, always smiling no matter what the weather is like, even when it was pouring down. Performing to such a large audience has been quite a scary prospect but seeing how much they are enjoying themselves means that I can start to relax as well.

I have learnt so many things from this project. Things that I will carry with me forever, not just in the theatre world but in life also. I have learnt to accept new challenges and face my fears. I have learnt that working with a cast of around 100 is an amazing thing but something I would never like to try and organise no matter how lovely the people! (massive respect to Kyla and Charlie and everyone else on the team!) And most importantly I have learnt that no amount of rain will ever stop a Cornishman from doing what they want!

I would 100% recommend this experience to everyone. Whether being involved in theatre is a life goal, a hobby or just something you want to try; it is something you will never forget.

  1. Luke Buckley says:

    Hi my name is Luke Buckley and I am a performer(dancer, act, music and anything else you would throw at my with a challenge) I have just watched wolf child in Cornwall and it was the best ever show I have ever seen and I truly mean it. I love the whole setting and character as they all suited into staying as characters all way throw now I quickly had a word with one of you actors from the wolf group and she told me about you so I was saying I live off performance but without I just won’t be able to live. Now I know I would have train if I would join you then I would not let you down. Please have a look on my Facebook profile to see me dance/ perform and please reply and ask me questions or just tell me facts or tips. I am 14 and I love helping and I would do what it takes to do anything in what you do. Thanks for reading my text. Just to warn you I am dyslexic so I am sorry about if I have made any mistake but it sue does not stop me.

    • Sarah Ferrie says:

      Hi Luke – thank you for your message and we’re really glad you liked the show. Our work sees professionals working alongside volunteers whether they be performing, making, front of house or back stage. We have plenty more projects in the pipeline and plenty more opportunities to be involved. The best thing to do is to sign up to our newsletter and / or follow us on social media. We always shout loudly when there is a project coming up.

      Thanks again Luke & enjoy the rest of summer. Sarah

    • Luke Buckley says:

      Well I look forward to the next project. I don’t if it is you who contacts me on messager but it would be best if you could please notify me on that about the project whenever it is ready . thank you. And also could I ask you more questions on Facebook/ messager if that is possible. Thank you so much for replying it means so much to me. I hope at the point where I am not at my dance class or school etc, we could stay in touch.

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