Meet the interns: Introducing Mia!


Mia has joined the team for 6 months as part of an internship through Hall for Cornwall where she works with 3 arts organisations. Apart from us, Mia is also working with O-Region and C-Scape Dance, so it’s safe to say she’s kept busy juggling workloads coming from three directions. However we asked the other companies whether it would be ok for her to join us for a week in Sunderland and luckily for us, they agreed. Now she’s had chance to recover from her first WildWorks project we thought we’d ask her how she found it.

What were the highlights of the Sunderland Project?

One of the main highlights for me was the utter dread and hilarity of shorting the circuits at the venue so that all of the technical equipment in the space turned on – including the disco balls, lights, snow fans and confetti cannons! Safe to say no one was impressed at having to clean that mess ready for the tech run in just a few hours’ time! It was one of those random moments that you just have to look back on and laugh at each time it gets mentioned.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the spontaneous and delirious outbursts of choral harmonisation that broke out in the evenings after the long days of rehearsal which were led by Vicky Abbott, the shows musical director. Having dabbled in singing in the past it was really great to have some singsong fun!

What was your long lasting memory of the trip?

 The ending of the show on the Sunday night has to be the best part of the Sunderland trip for me. After the emotional rollercoaster of the production, knowing it’s all over and thinking of the immense amount of hard work that had gone into the show – especially during the exhausting production week. That moment when Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ was playing whilst 300+ people were singing and dancing with such a resilient sense of community was just completely overwhelming. I’m not ashamed to say that I felt incredibly proud to be a part of the team that had created that feeling in that moment. It was so emotional and I broke down in tears.

What did you find most challenging about the role?

 The intensity of the project was a bit of a shock to the system. I’m used to working long days in stressful situations from my previous job but working on a project for a solid chunk of time was exhausting – physically and mentally. However, it was totally worth it and the overall outcome was highly rewarding. I’ll admit, on the final day I actually had a cheeky nap and fell asleep half way through eating my sandwich during the get out!

What things have you learnt in your position?

Working the role of Production Assistant on ‘A Great Night Out’ I feel has genuinely changed my outlook on multiple aspects of life. I approach decisions and problems far more practically now and I feel more creative and open minded in my work and personal life as well. Working with such a diverse, talented group of people has allowed me to see where this internship may lead and how important it is to make yourself ready, willing and able for any opportunity that comes your way, so that you are capable of making opportunities for yourself later on.

If you were to pursue a career in the arts, which role would you like to have within it? And why?

Well, ideally I’d love to play Alpheba on the West End but you’ve got to have dreams, right? I think a role in production whether that be Producer or a Project Manager for shows would be a really satisfying job, because you have such a variety of actions to perform ranging from budgeting to being hands-on during the production. You can get involved with every aspect of a show as a Producer and I think that’s what I’d love to do. I’d also really like to train in each department of theatre though, such as lighting, sound, design and stage management.

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