Congratulations to Dave McKean

Our friend film maker, comic artist, illustrator, writer, and composer Dave McKean has been awarded the International Award for Excellence in Comic Art.

Renowned cartoonist, Sergio Aragones, presented  Dave McKean with the award at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Cumbria. Aragones said that Dave McKean “is an inspiration to comic artists across the world.”

WildWorks have had the pleasure of working with Dave on The Passion of Port Talbot, of which he made a feature film called ‘The Gospel of Us’. Dave also wrote the original script for Wolf’s Child 2015 at Norfolk and Norwich Festival, and a reworked script for Wolf’s Child 2017 in Cornwall. He is creating a film version of the work.

Dave’s work includes illustrating graphic novels, magazines and album covers. He has also illustrated children’s books, and had his work displayed in the Royal Mail’s Mythical Creatures Collection.

Dave has worked with Heston Blumenthal for his ‘The Fat Duck Cookbook’, Richard Dawkins and Stephen King. Dave has directed three feature films as well as being credited as a Conceptual Artist on two films from the Harry Potter franchise.

Congratulations on your success Dave.


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