Information session: Monday 8th May

Our internationally acclaimed show Wolf’s Child is coming to Trelowarren Cornwall, near Helston this July.

We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join the company as performers, makers, production and front of house teams.

We will be holding an information session at Trelowarren on Monday 8th May, 7pm. If you’d like to come along to find out more about what’s involved and how you can get involved, please contact

Wolf’s Child will be at Trelowarren from 11th to 30th July. Volunteers may be required to be available from 1st July.

Our Bill


Some people worked with Bill for less than a day, some have witnessed his work and never got to meet him in person, some of us have worked with him for a few years and oh to be the lucky few who worked with him for decades. The overwhelming response from people (which we have loved and been so grateful to receive) can mostly be surmised to one statement “He changed my life!”.  How many people leave this earth with that as their legacy? We have been in the presence of greatness, a giant of a man. Giant stature, yes, but also giant artistic gift, giant heart, giant intelligence, giant generosity of spirit, giant, giant, giant…Giant loss.

He has been the centre of our world. Our leader, our rock, our friend, our Bill. This giant man with an eye for the little details, who always noticed the minutia in life and listened for the quiet voices, who could take one small comment and turn it into an epic vision, an incredible work of art and change the way people thought about theatre, about life.

Bill, we love you and we miss you.

You have given us everything you could with the whole of your being right until the end, a slate of work to continue and so on we go. We cannot replace you but we will honour you in the way that you have blessed and honoured so many of us. Bill Mitchell’s legacy starts here.



(image copyright: Dan Prince. WildWorks: A Great Night Out, 2016)



Bill Mitchell

We are heartbroken to confirm that Bill Mitchell, Artistic Director of WildWorks, died yesterday with Sue by his side and surrounded by WildWorks friends and family. Despite being very unwell with cancer Bill continued to work with passion and enthusiasm on WildWorks projects up until his last day.

He had been heavily involved in the current slate of projects including this July’s production of Wolf’s Child which he had reimagined for Trelowarren. Bill was at the peak of his creativity, excited by plans for the coming years.

He has left us a tremendous legacy, a blueprint for creating world class landscape theatre and a series of projects which WildWorks will deliver as a team.

At a team production meeting this April Bill said “This is life, this is what happens but the work will continue, it will develop and it will be brilliant.”

Bill Mitchell
2nd December 1951 to 14th April 2017

Love WildWorks ? Get your Wolf’s Child tickets today. #GetInEarly

‘An entrancing, dark, mysterious experience, knitting together play and place to create one of the most extraordinary pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen.  I’m hugely excited that Wolf’s Child is coming home to Cornwall.’ Gordon Seabright, Director, Eden Project

Tickets are on sale via the Hall for Cornwall box office – get in early.

Wolf’s Child now on sale

Tickets for Wolf’s Child are now on sale. The show, which opens on 11th July and runs until 30th is at Trelowarren Estate near Helston.

Get your tickets here.


The Hot Ticket…

Tickets for this summer’s hotly anticipated WildWorks production, Wolf’s Child, go on public sale this Monday (20th March). 

Wolf’s Child, which will be performed at Trelowarren Estate, sees the return of WildWorks to Cornwall after 10 years. 


“Many people remember A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings which we co-created with Kneehigh over 10 years ago. Since then our work has taken us to all sorts of places including Cyprus and Tunis and, closer to home, Kensington Palace and Sunderland but we’ve always wanted to come back to our roots in Cornwall eventually.” Bill Mitchell  


The company, famed for telling beautiful and moving stories in unusual ways, are pioneers of what has become known as landscape theatre, (it was infact Bill who coined the phrase), using the place they are working in as an inspiration be that an old nightclub, a royal palace or the woods.  Based in Redruth, WildWorks has become the UK’s leading company for landscape theatre creating award winning work around the world. 


“We never pretend to be anywhere than where we actually are – the landscape and communities are always an important part of the story rather than just being a backdrop to it” Bill  


Wolf’s Child, a fairytale for adults and brave children (aged 11+), tells the tale of ‘Mother’, a key character in the story who protects her girls from the dangers of the wild. When a wolf attack leaves her injured she sends her most trusted girl into the woods in her place. Here the girl discovers darkness, love, terror and freedom.

The show, which received 5 stars nationally, is a promenade production, meaning you follow the action though the woods and grounds at Trelowarren, including areas that are not usually open to the public. 


“We are really grateful to Trelowarren for all their support with the show – it’s going to be truly memorable and magical.” Bill 


Wolf’s Child is at Trelowarren from 11th to 30th July 2017. Tickets are available via the Hall for Cornwall Box Office from Monday 20th March. 


Utterly Magical : The Times *****

Originally commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and co-produced by WildWorks and Norfolk & Norwich Festival in partnership with the National Trust. Original research and development made possible with funding from Legacy Trust UK.



Falmouth based web designers Venn Creative are confirmed as the first corporate sponsors for WildWorks’ production Wolf’s Child

Wolf’s Child, which will be at Trelowarren from 11th to 30th July this year, is the first time the internationally renowned theatre company has performed in Cornwall for 10 years. The production, which has a cast of over 100, leads audiences through the grounds of Trelowarren on a story of darkness, love, terror and freedom.

“We are delighted to have Venn confirmed as a sponsor for Wolf’s Child. Their support, and the support of our funders and donor, means we can bring Wolf’s Child home to Cornwall and we are really grateful” – Emma Hogg, General Manager, WildWorks

Venn, who look after WildWorks’ website, are we, design, digital and branding experts with clients across the UK. Their agency create everything brands need including web and print, and work with clients as wide ranging as Coolearth, World’s Apart and Cedar Juice.

“We are thrilled to be able to support our good friends at WildWorks and help bring them back home to Cornwall. We can’t wait to see the show so we all have something else to talk about for the next 10 years.” – Zander Greenfield, Venn Creative



… there’s an idea. A shard of light across a landscape, a conversation overheard on a train, a letter from an old friend or a character clamouring to be set free. Curiosity drives us and the adventure it leads us on is different every time.

Part of the early creative process is working out what the show will look like, how it might feel. We’ve raided the sketchbook of our designer Myriddin Wannell for his early ideas about our summer show Wolf’s Child, and here are some of his early design concepts.


Credit: Myriddin Wannell

Wolf’s Child: Sponsorship Opportunities

Get your business associated with the UK’s leading producer of landscape theatre.

In 2005 Kneehigh’s Artistic Director, Bill Mitchell, co-produced A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings in Hayle and out of this production WildWorks was born. Since then we have created work in all sorts of places including Kensington Palace and Palestine.

As a registered charity, we are grateful to our public funders Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. Their support is the bedrock of our organisation.

We raise the rest of the money needed to create productions from sponsorship, charitable donations and working on artistic projects for and with other organisations.

This summer we are bringing our internationally acclaimed promenade production Wolf’s Child to the Trelowarren Estate here in Cornwall.

Wolf’s Child is a huge project. It involves local communities, actors, musicians and makers working together during a month-long project. We have a strong track record of delivering artistic excellence with community engagement embedded into the process. We will be looking for up to 80 local volunteers to take part as performers, local craftsman, to be part of a choir or as volunteer stewards.

There will be opportunities for local people of all ages and abilities. People don’t need prior experience to take part. This is an amazing opportunity for people to work with a world class theatre company. But we need sponsorship help to make this happen.

Sponsorship starts at just £250.

In exchange for your help we can offer;

  • Association with a world-class theatre brand
  • Access to an audience in excess of 5,000 in Cornwall
  • Benefits associated with a high profile local and national marketing campaign
  • VIP invitations

There are additional opportunities for bespoke sponsorships including headline sponsor.

To find out how you can be involved please drop us a line at


Trelowarren is a historic Cornish estate with an established tradition of working with artists and arts organisations. The Wolf Child’s performance will be adapted to showcase Trelowarren’s estate and gardens.  It will be the first time in the estate’s recent history that large audiences will have access to the gardens, opening our grounds more broadly to the local and regional community.


WildWorks has 10 years of experience in delivering large scale outdoor performance projects that involve community engagement. Wolf’s Child was the headlining show at Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2015. It received 5 stars by The Times and was included in Susannah Clapp of the Guardian, top ten shows of 2015.


WildWorks’ 10 Year Anniversary

Credits - Photo: Steve Tanner, Fire Sculpture: Sue Hill/Pete Hill

Credits – Photo: Steve Tanner, Fire Sculpture: Sue Hill/Pete Hill

On Monday 5th December, Wild-Workers from near and far came together to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of WildWorks. Gathered at the cliff-top location of Mount Pleasant Ecological Park in Porthtowan, Cornwall, considered friends and family of the company raised a glass to the vibrant and successful past of WildWorks, with a big nod to an exciting future.

The barns were decorated with iconic props from previous productions, including the Very Old Man’s wings framing the stage where live music from Rosie Crow and her band entertained guests into an evening of reunions between friends, old and new.

Without past shows (A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, Souterrain, The Passion, Wolf’s Child – to name a few!), WildWorks would not be in the position to have the plans that they do in the pipeline. But more importantly, those productions wouldn’t have happened without the inspiring people who made them – the guests. Bill Mitchell, Artistic Director, emphasized this in his moving toast, which saluted the people, the past, and the future.

With full bellies from the delicious one-pot tagines, guests were invited to watch the premier of Dave McKean’s trailer for Wolf’s Child, in advance of the new production at Trelowarren Estate next summer: a perfect showcase of our past, future and those wonderful people who we came together to celebrate.

After a commemorative moment of the lighting of the breath-taking fire sculpture pictured below, the party was in full swing including flowing chatter, echoing laughter and fancy dress with fruitful photos in front of the bespoke hand painted backdrops from The Beautiful Journey.


WildWorks would like to say a big thank you to all those who came to celebrate the last 10 years, and to toast to the next.


A message from Bill…

When Emma Rice was appointed the new artistic director of the Globe a year ago I applauded their vision, trust and bravery. I thought it a perfect combination. What an adventure for both parties, Emma and the Globe. So many beautiful, funny and unique productions that would blossom over the years, blurring the divide between audience and players, capturing the true spirit of the Elizabethan playhouse.

I have to declare an interest here as I worked with Emma on many productions at Kneehigh including Tristan and Yseult; that will be seen next year in what is now Emma’s last year at the Globe. Emma is thrilling to work with – a brilliant contemporary theatre maker full of ideas, energy and honesty. In her interview she would have been completely open about who she is and how she works. The board appointed her knowing everything. So why has the Globe board withdrawn their support of their chosen artistic director in such an embarrassingly short time and after such a scorchingly successful opening season?

Bill Mitchell, WildWorks

Hastings calling…

We are sat on the cliff top at Lady’s Parlour, Hastings.

Here is just one of the 24 stories that our archaeologists have uncovered in their quest to discover the current wealth of Hastings.


Open today until 7pm and again tomorrow from 1-7pm.

Dunkirk Refugee Fundraiser

In July our technical manager, Paul Jarvis, and his partner Cordelia are volunteering with Utopia 56, a charity set up to help at the refugee camp in Dunkirk. Before they go they are fundraising for essential funds to help during their time there.

If you would like to support them then please read on…or check out their Facebook page


They are running a fundraising event on 3rd June at The Prince Albert in Brighton where there will also be a fantastic raffle which you can enter even if you can’t make it to Brighton for the event.

Raffle tickets are £5 for five, or £8 for ten. It’s all done online so it’s very easy! Just email and they’ll get back to you with how to pay.

Once payment is received, your numbers are emailed to you and your numbers are listed with your name on our database. So, even if you lose your numbers – we won’t!

Raffle prizes include:

A weekend workshop of your choice for two people, valid for one year from the date of the draw from Jamie Catto.

Handmade jewellery from Silvia Lopez and also from Laura McKale

A series of three original photographs by Jean Cullen

A two night stay for two in a luxury yurt in beautiful countryside near Brighton from Loveabell Tents

An original drawing by Gemma Challenger

Three signed, original prints by Mr Doodle (Mike Woolf)

An original fashion piece by Tantrum Designs

A haircut voucher worth £45 from Damage in Brighton

A one hour photoshoot with prints edited and given on disc from Clementine Wilson in Bath

And many more! Prints, photos, photoshoots, paintings, cinema tickets. Most vouchers have a one year validity so people will have time to claim their prizes and all prizes won will be sent securely to the winner.



Meet the interns: Introducing Mia!


Mia has joined the team for 6 months as part of an internship through Hall for Cornwall where she works with 3 arts organisations. Apart from us, Mia is also working with O-Region and C-Scape Dance, so it’s safe to say she’s kept busy juggling workloads coming from three directions. However we asked the other companies whether it would be ok for her to join us for a week in Sunderland and luckily for us, they agreed. Now she’s had chance to recover from her first WildWorks project we thought we’d ask her how she found it.

What were the highlights of the Sunderland Project?

One of the main highlights for me was the utter dread and hilarity of shorting the circuits at the venue so that all of the technical equipment in the space turned on – including the disco balls, lights, snow fans and confetti cannons! Safe to say no one was impressed at having to clean that mess ready for the tech run in just a few hours’ time! It was one of those random moments that you just have to look back on and laugh at each time it gets mentioned.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the spontaneous and delirious outbursts of choral harmonisation that broke out in the evenings after the long days of rehearsal which were led by Vicky Abbott, the shows musical director. Having dabbled in singing in the past it was really great to have some singsong fun!

What was your long lasting memory of the trip?

 The ending of the show on the Sunday night has to be the best part of the Sunderland trip for me. After the emotional rollercoaster of the production, knowing it’s all over and thinking of the immense amount of hard work that had gone into the show – especially during the exhausting production week. That moment when Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ was playing whilst 300+ people were singing and dancing with such a resilient sense of community was just completely overwhelming. I’m not ashamed to say that I felt incredibly proud to be a part of the team that had created that feeling in that moment. It was so emotional and I broke down in tears.

What did you find most challenging about the role?

 The intensity of the project was a bit of a shock to the system. I’m used to working long days in stressful situations from my previous job but working on a project for a solid chunk of time was exhausting – physically and mentally. However, it was totally worth it and the overall outcome was highly rewarding. I’ll admit, on the final day I actually had a cheeky nap and fell asleep half way through eating my sandwich during the get out!

What things have you learnt in your position?

Working the role of Production Assistant on ‘A Great Night Out’ I feel has genuinely changed my outlook on multiple aspects of life. I approach decisions and problems far more practically now and I feel more creative and open minded in my work and personal life as well. Working with such a diverse, talented group of people has allowed me to see where this internship may lead and how important it is to make yourself ready, willing and able for any opportunity that comes your way, so that you are capable of making opportunities for yourself later on.

If you were to pursue a career in the arts, which role would you like to have within it? And why?

Well, ideally I’d love to play Alpheba on the West End but you’ve got to have dreams, right? I think a role in production whether that be Producer or a Project Manager for shows would be a really satisfying job, because you have such a variety of actions to perform ranging from budgeting to being hands-on during the production. You can get involved with every aspect of a show as a Producer and I think that’s what I’d love to do. I’d also really like to train in each department of theatre though, such as lighting, sound, design and stage management.

9 Handsome Lads- A Great Night Out

Len Gibson is from Wearside and we’ve been learning about his life in the North East and the impact that playing music has had on it. His story features in our new show ‘A Great Night Out’

Len was a Prisoner of War on the Burma Railway and says that playing music was the key to his survival.

Mercedes Kemp, Associate Director of Community and Research for WildWorks, has used the interview she held with Len to create dialogue for the show. This section of the evening will also feature a specially commissioned song written and performed by Ross Millard of the Futureheads, also from Sunderland.

The entire show will be composed of stories gathered from interviews with local people that have then been transformed and heightened through music, performance and visual material.

Here is just a section of Mercedes’ work before being developed into dialogue…


Nine handsome lads

from Wearside.

Born to  the rattle

Of coaltrucks

The hammering

Of rivets

and the hooting

of tugs.

Nine sweet lads.


Destined to travel

Through the valley

Of death.

One of them has

The gift

Of music

Given to him

By his father

for his 10th


It is

His destiny.



(Image from Len’s personal collection- he is on the back row, 4th from the left)

The Art of Food at a Great Night Out

shutterstock_359742716Have we mentioned we are producing a night to remember in Sunderland? In fact, a Great Night Out!

A Great Night Out will be held at The Point in Holmeside, Sunderland, on Sunday, May 1. The venue will be transformed into a ‘glittering dream space’ in which people will be entertained by local performers while celebrating Sunderland and South Tyneside’s proud heritage through tales and stories.

We have a unique opportunity for people with an interest in food and catering to help us to create the canapes for ‘A Great Night Out’.

No prior experience of catering is needed, just a love of food and a willingness to work as a team to create something really special, your ideas and creativity are very welcome and you will be guided through this process by North East chef, Sam Storey.

Interested? Please read on.

Can you commit any time to the following days next week?

Thursday 28 April – 9am-9pm – you’re welcome to attend at anytime during this time

Friday 29 April – 9am-5pm – you’re welcome to attend at anytime during this time

Both of the dates above will be at Sunderland College – Hylton Campus.

Saturday 30 April 4-10pm*

Sunday 1 May 4-10pm*

Both of the dates above are at The Point, Holmeside, Sunderland City Centre

*must be able to commit to these dates and times as these are event dates.  If you can help create the food on the Thursday and / or Friday but cannot commit to the weekend dates that’s absolutely fine we’d love you to be involved.

If you are able to take part could you RSVP to or phone 0191 427 8197 by 12noon on Monday 25 April 2016, providing your name, contact details and your availability on the above dates.

Please note that we are able to cover reasonable travel expenses and provide a lunch / refreshments.

Capital funding success!

It’s been a good week at WildWorks! Our application to Arts Council England for Small Scale Capital has been successful.

Quite often capital funding means buildings. We create theatre in real landscapes, for and with the people of those landscapes, and not in theatres. This means we cannot rely on the basic structures that usual venues provide.

In the woods, a castle, or a harbour, there are no lighting structures or sound installations, there is no community rehearsal space. For each project we create a theatre from scratch including backstage spaces, dressing rooms, communication systems, an office, the list goes on. Previously the majority of this is hired in equipment and necessity demands that the cost of this be included in the production budget for each project. This funding means we can create and own a sustainable and environmentally light-touch portable ‘theatre’ facility.

Phil Gibby, Area Director, South West, Arts Council England, said: ‘At a challenging time for funding in the sector, it is vital that organisations look at ways of improving their resilience and making the most of every opportunity. We are delighted to be supporting WILDWORKS to buy the equipment they need to effectively create a mobile outdoor theatre through our Capital programme so they can continue to create their innovative and exciting work in the most cost effective and sustainable way.’

In addition to some basics, i.e. tents and transportation, we have been exploring and testing equipment for the last couple of years. In our production of Wolf’s Child in 2015 we used a completely wireless sound system and a lot of wireless lighting. This meant we were less dependent on generator power, which is not only better for the environment but the magic of being immersed, lost in the woods, wasn’t broken by the rhythmic chugging away in the background that generators can produce. We were working in a SSSI so not running sound cables everywhere worked better for all concerned (especially the trees!). The actors wore speakers cleverly hidden within their costumes and the singers pulled their sound systems in shopping trolleys again disguised by props.



We played with these new techniques during research and design workshops over the last few years, sharing our ideas and testing methodologies with the bright new talent form National Youth Theatre and University Falmouth. We will now own the equipment to continue to explore this way of working, sharing and teaching of techniques with other organisations and the next generation of theatre makers.

Bill has said  ‘We are delighted to be receiving capital funding from Arts Council England to develop our portable ‘landscape theatre’. This support will enable us to confidently take the work to a new level, as well as support peers to make work in this way’.

We’re all excited. We’re going shopping! 😉


Journal found in Rainforest!

tumblr_o0jnxln1pO1v4olvao1_1280 Following the departure of our dear time travelling friends, we havediscovered a journal left behind in the rainforest and thought to be that of Dr Frankland. Some may argue that this journal provides evidence that Dr Frankland was in fact the super professor all along.

Of course the more politically sensitive or erotically charged entries are not for full public consumption and may never see the light of day but we have released some of the entries in the hope that these provide a sense of the records she was keeping of her momentous trip back in time and the sense of Christmas spirit discovered by all our intrepid friends and adventurers from the future.

Please visit to see the pages.