Colin Hicks

Colin Hicks

WildWorks Board

is an independent policy advisor, cultural broker and facilitator. Reputedly one of London’s most successful cultural attachés in recent memory, he has achieved national and international recognition in the specialized field of international cultural enterprise and relations. 

Experienced up to ministerial level in the reporting and delivery of high-level strategy and policy, Colin knows how to talk to Government. His combined skills as diplomat, trainer and performer also make him a skilled listener, and his non-interventionist style is being used by governments, agencies and cultural organisations alike to motivate and enable fresh approaches.

Colin Hicks provides a comprehensive range of services to clients in many fields of entertainment and the arts, including music, theatre, dance, film, publishing and the visual arts. Head of a legendary network built across several cultural sectors over many years, Colin offers creative entrepreneurs and artists privileged access to top cultural networks.

With exceptional interpersonal skills, Colin is a trained teacher and a linguist, digitally aware and active in social media. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in January 1995, holds Board Membership of several arts organisations and is a member of British Actor’s Equity and the UK Musicians Union. He is fully bilingual in French and English and gets by in Spanish and Italian.