"100: The Day Our World Changed was without doubt one of the most incredible pieces of work I've seen"

Ed Rowe - aka Kernow King

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"A leap of faith, a holding of breath and a jump into the great unknown."

Stella Hall Creative Director, culture10 NewcastleGateshead, world-class culture

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"The Passion was the year's revelation. It showed how the transcendent can be mapped on to the everyday."

Susannah Clapp, The Observer

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“The piece shows us how in such devastating situations, the human race can come together and make a difference"

Art Review

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"We became a village and friends again."

Participant, Souterrain, Stanmer Park, Brighton

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"And there we were: 40 or so grown adults in the woods howling like a wolf pack. And it sounded glorious."

Louisa Beadel - Actor, National Youth Theatre Rep 2013

WHAT NOT TO MISS: "Glitters with tears, music and hope"****

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"Souterrain remains one of the great shows of the century"

*****The Guardian 2009

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"shows that theatre which sails out of buildings and away from texts does not always abandon stories. "

The Observer 2012


Imagine a world where stories take flight. Where landscapes wear one-off wondertales, woven by the people that live there. Where anywhere can play performance space and everyone’s invited.
Welcome to WildWorks.

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